Ayutthaya 1419

Ayutthaya's first territorial expansion occurred when their allies Champa (khaki) took them to war against Cambodia (red) in 1425. In the peace treaty of 1431 Ayutthaya received Khmer and Mekong Delta. Meanwhile Dai Viet had broken away from China and joined Ayutthaya's alliance in 1435. In 1438 China (yellow) took Sarakham and Laos from Lan Xang (dark brown) and annexed Cambodia. In 1446 Ayutthaya seized the rich trading centre of Malacca in a war with Malacca (khaki) and two years later Lan Xang, now consisting only of Mekong province, was annexed. Then in a bold war against China from 1463-66, Ayutthaya wrested Sarakham and Cambodia from the Chinese. This left Laos as an isolated Chinese province surrounded by Ayutthaya and Dai Viet. During this time Ayutthayan merchants traded widely from Calcutta to Shanghai bringing Ayutthaya's monthly income up from 2.7 in 1419 to 21.5 by 1470.


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