Who is this Malcolm guy, anyway?


I originally created this website on my own computer, for my own use only. I then put it on the Internet so that interested friends and family could also see it. Of course this means that anyone might now stumble upon it, so I thought I'd better add this page so that any such visitors can read a little about me. Of course my friends and family will also read it, even though they already know who I am - funny that...

I was born in 1961 near Stirling and grew up with the hills on the horizon, so to speak. My Dad, an enthusiastic hillwalker, tried to instil a sense of enthusiasm in my brother, my sister and me by promising us fifty pence for every mountain we got to the top of, or "a pound if it's a Munro". Given this insidious exposure to the concept of Munro-bagging from an early age it is astonishing that I didn't begin a serious campaign to climb all the Munros until 1996. By this time I was somewhat awkwardly placed for the task, since I was living and working as an English teacher in Tunis. Nevertheless I began taking whatever opportunities I could and had soon clocked up a respectable tally. Interestingly, only a few years later my sister Ruth also caught the Munro bug, and we have since done a number of climbs together.

Nowadays home is Marseille, in the south of France, where I live with my wife and two daughters and work in multi-lingual web development. So far I'm the only member of the family who's definitely been to the top of a Munro, although my wife Carrie says she "might once have climbed Ben Lomond". My younger daughter Kirsty, born in 1997, is keen to start climbing them, so watch out for news of this! Marseille is of course marginally more convenient than Tunis for Munro access, but I don't generally expect to do more than one serious Munro-climbing trip per year these days.

Whoever you are, whether you're one of my friends and family who have inexplicably come to this page to find out who I am, or are really someone who doesn't know me, feel free to write a message in the box below to make any comments or suggestions or just to say how mega-cool you think this website is. If you leave your e-mail address too I will also write back and, if you're interested, inform you of any major developments on the site.

Malcolm Lyon, June 2007

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